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HELP! Virus exploiting uTorrent


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Hi all,

I seem to hev goten myself in a bit of a jam, I have searched high and low for a solution and not found a similar situation. if anyone can point me to a solution it wouldbe fantastic.

The Problem.

uTorent is running perfectly no problems with the usability or speeds. The problem i have noticed is torrent files keep adding themselfs to my downloads.

There is a pattern to theses rouge downloads though.

This data is always the same

XX replaces tt

Tracker: hXXp://the-monkey-house.com/announce.php?passkey=4905196e8e5dfe4cc5513b13a31da324

Torrent Content: Wii Game

Torrent Pulisher: Wii-WiiD

also the torrent name always start with a number e.g.



My first thoughts are its a virus, its found its way onto my PC through another torrent and it is capable of adding torrents without my say so.


Vista Business SP1

Utorrent v1.8.2 (build 14153)

I have checked and i do not have WebUi enabled so there not getting through there.

There are no torrent files hanging around in my Incomplete folder.

Well its realy starting to freak me out, surely torrents cannot be added to downloads without the users say so, and if they can then is quite a big hole and needs to be patched. if you require anymore info on please let me know.



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You have to be careful about what you download.

uT is just a BitTorrent download manager so if the data associated to the torrent contain a virus, you can be infected, as you are on the web with your browser.

What is your antivirus? Did you run a scan to control if your computer is infected?

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Ok still running a MalwareBytes,

The HijackThis came back all clean.


MalwareBytes says clean aswell.

Its happend a few of times now but its always been once a month if that.

I think im going to have to wait for it to happen again and try and catch it then.

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