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uTorrent doesn't wait when moving completed downloads


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Great product, especially for free! Thanks!

1.8.2, preferences->directories

If "put new downloads in" is on a different partition from "move completed downloads to",

and one selects "quit when downloads complete", uTorrent will download the torrent, start copying the contents, then potentially (if the torrent takes >30 seconds to copy) exit out part way through copying the torrent, thereby causing it to be marked as corrupt.

The solution would be to not consider the download "complete" until it has been moved to its final resting place.

This is also a confusion if one tries to copy the final file somewhere else, as there is no indication uTorrent is still copying the file except that the seed speed drops.

You might also want to check that all internal buffers get flushed before copying starts, especially if the advanced properties for buffering have been modified. I believe I've seen problems there sometimes, but I haven't been able to reproduce it.

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