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Speed Guide (in development)


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DO NOT CHANGE THIS OPTION unless you have windows xp sp2 and you have patch tcpip.sys. I have mine patched to 50 and hence the above setting.

Everyone except unpatched Windows XP SP2 (limit of 10 half-open) and 2003 (limit of 50) can change this to any value.


Only helps with seeding. And only if you seem you can't connect to anyone when seeding.

And don't recommend those connection values, they're stupidly high. Tell users to use the Speed Guide (Ctrl+G)

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press control g and 1 ran my speed check and i was at about 700 and so should i set its speed to 640 or 768 ..to get beter speeds ..also read i could have viruses and thats why i get slow speeds ..also why so many viruses ive only downloaded a few files and i got about 4 viruses do i have a problem or is this just normal ..also i am new at...please help with settings the newbie why please ...and sorry if i hijacked the thread

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