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Changing to Vista wont allow me to connect


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Under my old system (windows XP Professional) I was uploading and downloading just fine, but since building the computer of my dreams and having windows vista premium installed, no matter what i do, i can't get Utorrent to download anything.

Now I know your time is vauable and because of that, i have read ever forum I could find, read the instruction over and over again and tried numerous setting variations, but to no avai.

My download sppeds are between 4500-6000 and my upload speeds are between 1200-1600.

I am using a netgear wnr854t router.

i have the portmapping enabled and nat-pnp port mapping enabled

I have windows firewall exception checked and i verified that by checking in the control panel.

My uload speeds are currently set at 1500 and my download speeds are 4500.

global number of connectios are at 750.

max number of connected peers per torrent is 100

and additional upload slot is less that 90 is 8

Under the bit torrent tab-

I have dht network enabled

dht for new torrents enabled

local peer discovery not enabled

peer exchange not enabled

any suggestion to get things going?

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