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RSS wont auto-download


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I dont know if im stupid or if its just µTorrent.

I've tryed to search for a post about this but it seems like im

the only one haveing this problem.

Anyway, all is going fine untill the download part.

When RSS feature in µTorrent puts the program i want to download in

favorites it says its already downloaded.

(it gives the release a blue circle with a white checkmark in it.)

And i want it to autodownload the stuff,

becouse if it only puts it in the Favorite tab, I can as well go to the

tracker and download it myself.

Anyone have a clue?

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It links to mininova's detail pages, isntead of the torrent link, so of course it won't work. µT's getting sent to a web page instead of the torrent file.

And the server is retarded and serves it as text/html instead of application/rss+xml or application/xml

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