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How to launch the same version of uTorrent under different user accoun


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Hello, everyone,

Couldn't find a reply to my question anywhere. Would be very grateful if somebody could help me.

There are two users accounts in my computer so the computer is used by two people. Is it possible to launch the same version of utorrent under both of these accounts? When I launch the link of utorrent under the second account it starts to install utorrent and launches a new version although I have a lot of torrents in my first account. The only possibility I found is to copy

C:\Documents and Settings\1stUser\Application Data\uTorrent folder to C:\Documents and Settings\2ndUser\Application Data\uTorrent ))). I want utorrent to continue seeding whenever the computer is on under any user but it's terrible to copy the folder each time. So that is the question - is it possible to share the same folder for each user (moving it to "All Users" folder gives no effect)?

Thanks in advance.

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moogly, Ultima,

Thanks a lot! Just copying all the files from Application Data\uTorrent into the uTorrent folder in C:\Program Files\uTorrent worked perfectly.

Although one remark: Even though I opened full access to the folder uTorrent (from Admin profile), the other user with limited rights still doesn't have access to that folder so uTorrent can't save changes there. I simply moved the folder uTorrent with uTorrent.exe to other drive ( D: ), replaced the shortcuts with new ones and now everything's okay.

Thanks again for your help.

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