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Auto Shutdown


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When running uTorrent on a Windows computer with mutiple users, it would be nice to have the option to log-off when downloads complete or when everything completes.

Please add 2 extra options to the Auto Shutdown option:

- Log Off When Downloads Complete

- Log Off When Everything Completes


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Consider the following scenario in Windows Vista/XP:

- User A is logged-on but "switched away" and is downloading using utorrent;

- User B is logged-on and is the "active" user.

- If User B wants to shut down, a warning message will pop-up with info that other user(s) are logged on. User B waits.

- If uTorrent implements the feature I suggested, user B will be able to safely shutdown once downloads/everyting completes (and user A is logged off). The Windows warning message will not pop-up.

Can any of the current shutdown options perform this function?

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