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Can't Download Anything 0seeds 0peers


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ive used utorrent for a long time with absolutely no problems, then about a couple of weeks ago it became utterly impossible to download anything

upon openign utorrent the client found peers but couldnt connect to a single one, and thus the download speed+upload speed stayed at 0kb/s and doesnt flucuate.

Ive also noticed that there is a yellow/orange triangel with an exclamation mark in it at the bottom.

Goin through a couple of guides, i tried to open my ports using portforward.com, but using the portchecker the port remains closed for some reason. ive fiddled with the settings according to Ulitmus' guide but nothing has changed. ive reinstalled utorrent and nothign has changed either, my internet is fairly fast.

and i didnt change any setting in the utorrent before it suddenly stopped working.

im currently using a router, Billion 7404VGP but ive had this router for over a year and it was workgin with utorrent perfectly fine till it suddenly stopped.

could someone please advice me on to get my utorrent/any bittorent client working

thanks in advance

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Any restrictions by your ISP?

GOOGLE searches turn up anything about your ISP suddenly blocking BitTorrent?

1st link in my signature for more complex troubleshooting.

2nd link to check your settings if/when uTorrent starts working again.

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