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When I run utorrent my firewall (zonelalrm pro) begins to register many intrusions incoming, as many as 5 a second. The downloads and uploads I make go at a rate as high as 3kb/s, which is to be expected as my bandwidth is restricted. These intrusions are adressed to a range of ports, none of which are the one I selected for utorrent's use.

I assume these are wasting my bandwidth, is there anything I can do about them?

edit: By the way, the intrusions continue after utorrent is closed untill my ip adress is changed. Of the nearly 2 million i have recieved, 7 are "high rated."

Also, while I'm asking, the FAQ recomends ports over 1000. I was just wondering what's so good about them as I couldn't get ports in that range to work, and am using number 12.

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