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Weird phenomenon


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Hi all,

I started experiencing this problem only today. I booted into Windows 7 x64 Build 7100 RC today, a torrent was running, the download finished without any problems. Then I added a new torrent today, but it simply refused to start at all, despite the fact that there were sufficient seeds and peers in it (there were 35 seeds, but uTorrent only recognized 3 of them i.e. displayed "0(3)"). At first I thought this was a simple firewall issue or port forwarding, I checked my firewall settings, and assigned a different port to uTorrent, but still it wouldn't work.

So I thought this might be an issue with Windows 7 itself. I then booted into XP which I have on dual-boot, but the same problem is occurring with it too. One thing which is extremely weird about this problem is that all the torrents which were already added prior to today are still running fine, its just that any new torrents I add today, whether on Win 7 or XP SP3, refuse to start.

Any idea what the problem could be?

P.S. Using v1.8.2 Build 15296 with XP and v1.8.3 beta with Windows 7. ESET Smart Security 4.0.68 on XP and 4.0.314 on Windows 7.

Thanks in advance.

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Drivers for Windows 7 probably aren't mature/stable. :(

ESET Smart Security has been a thorn in uTorrent's side in the past.

Under your signature link, I didn't notice if you you made mention of configuring max torrents at once or upload slots max. Both of which are of considerable importance in keeping upload and hopefully download maxed out.

Half open limits higher than 8 matter FAR less than getting the green light in uTorrent. If you're firewalled, you can only connect to about 5-60% of the peers/seeds that are actually active.

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It probably doesn't to do with maxing out the half-open TCP connections and upload/download slots. Regardless, I paused all other torrents, but still the new one wouldn't work.

On a side-note, I just checked back on uTorrent (running on XP), and it seems that it did download like 6 MB of data at some time, but its stopped again.

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