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Speed Problems - Help Appreciated.


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Hi everyone,

For the past few days, my downloads have gone downhill. They coast at around 30-50kb/s constantly, for a torrent with over 4000 seeds. For smaller swarms, around 0.6-10kb/s.

Before these problems started, i got over 800kb/s, and all was well.

Glastnost has told me throttling is not likely from my ISP. I have read all the guides on here, to no avail. I just don't understand, nothing has altered, yet my downloads aren't what they were. I HAVE tried with all my anti-virus/firewalls off, with no result. I use port 10009, which is open.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.

My Spec: Windows XP SP3

UTorrent 1.8.2

Wireless Router D-Link 2460R

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You didn't mention what ISP/country you have. Glasnost doesn't detect all types of throttling/disruption of BitTorrent.

I know nothing about the speeds of your connection nor settings you're trying (and now failing) in uTorrent.

Are you actually using a wireless link between your router and computer?

Any of these could be important!

(...And other things as well, as mentioned in 1st link of my signature.)

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My ISP is Talk Talk, i already looked them up on the list of 'Bad ISP's' and they appeared fine, (i.e no throttling at peak times etc).

Well, my download speed is about 1500 kbp/s. Upload around 700kpb/s.

And my computer is connected wirelessly to the D-Link Router.

Wha i was trying to get across was that my settings had previously been fantastic, but now, with no apparent change in my settings, they have fallen through the roof.

Many Thanks.

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Talk Talk tries to cripple BitTorrent to hell.

I know nothing about the settings you're trying (and now failing) in uTorrent.

Settings that are pretty bad can "work ok" on many torrents, it's only when you MUST upload well that you suffer too. But that doesn't mean the other peers haven't been suffering the whole time. :(

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