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Crash with Winavi Conversion - uTorrent wiped out.


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I've searched and looked for this problem in FAQ but can't find a trace - sorry if I have missed something obvious.

I'm running uTorrent 1.8.2 without problems (excellent little program) on XP Pro, desktop iMb processor, 512 ram and two hard drives (C is for programs, D for data, plenty of space) and my ISP is free.fr with their freebox router (ethernet cable). A second computer uses the freebox usb link. I use Avast anti virus, and regularly clean up with Xsoftspy and Regcure.

When I try to convert torrents to DVD Pal with WinAvi it runs fine to about twenty percent (I select the spacious drive for the conversion) then the whole shooting match crashes (blue screen of death, no error message), on restart my HDD has errors, and - here is the real problem - all my torrents with their ratio histories are wiped from uTorrent. I've tried this twice, with same result except with a different file & the second time I closed uTorrent first, but still had all my history wiped. Another converter worked OK on the same file.

When I say wiped, I mean the uTorrent screen comes back with absolutely nothing listed, and when I go to the download file and re-submit files to uTorrent, they come back at first with zero, but are checked and most are reset to 100%, but some are now incomplete.

I rather suspect that Free.fr take repressive measures against torrent downloading as we have many problems with access to the ISP on one of the two computers when uTorrent is running.

So two questions -

1. What am I doing wrong?

2. How can I restore my ratio history & is there a quick way to restore the files for seeding?

Any pointers gratefully received

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You have to back up regularly the entire folder %appdata%\utorrent with your settings & history. So you can resume easily your torrents if one day you got an hardware failure, power failure or computer crash.

Because if you restart uT right now after a failure and the main window of uT is empty, uT "erases" the current resume.dat file to save a blank history.

That's why a back up is necessary.

Anyway crashes are not relative to uT, you have surely an issue with a software or hardware on your computer. You really should fix that.

In addition I have no info about a possible throttling about Free.fr concerning BitTorrent. I just know they limit the bandwidth for a specific group of their customers ("non-dégroupé" people) during the day (but not only for BitTorrent applications) and it's full bandwidth during the night.

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Moogly, thank you very much for that, I had no idea you could back up the uT record; I'll do that from now on you can be sure!

As for the crashes I half wondered if it might have been WinAvi trying to access the file uT was seeding, or vice versa. I might copy the downloaded file elsewhere and try the conversion well away from uT, but only after backing up the uT data.......

Thanks again


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