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slow internet browsing while runing utorrent


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i am using utorrent 1.7.4 i also have the latest nod 32. i know about the compatability problem and have fixed it thanx to some previous post. although i dont seem to consistantly get the speeds i was getting before i put nod32 on my computer.(looking for new antivirus for this reason.) my question is. i have more than one computer running off my wifi connection. mine and my roommates. he does not use utorrent or does he have nod32 on his computer. but whenever i have utorrent on, his internet browsing slows to a crawl. why?

now i have a 12mg internet connection. and utorent is rarely ever downloading at more than 150kb/s and i have upload limited to 60kb/s. so it shouldnt be using even half my bandwidth.

a few weeks ago i wiped my computer and put vista ultamate on it again. and since then my download speen has been half of what it was. before i was getting speeds up to 1200kbs sonetimes even higher. but now i am getting only about 90 to 160 kb/s on average. sometimes it will pop up to 400 or 500 but rarely. does anyone have any ideas?

once again i am running vista ultamate and nod32 antivirus and utorrent 1.7.4

i forgot, my wifi runs through a motorola 3347 netopia router if that helps.

edit: i figured it out. when i set utorrent back, i set the speed guid to my download speed not my upload. stupid mistake. now everyone is surfing at full speed and i can download at the same time. utorrent is the greatest thing ever. love you guys who make it happen.

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