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Another "no connection" issue


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Ok, I'll try and make this as detailed as possible since I dont quite understand the majority of this stuff...

I just got uTorrent last night, and loved it for about a day, as of now I haven't been about to get over 7 kB/s downloading speed, though I'm uploading at 3.6 MB, the most frustrating part is that I have a green icon for about 15% of the time, (the rest of the time I have either a red circle that says not connectable or a yellow triangle that says no incoming connections) but no matter what it is the d/l rate is either stopped or extremely low. Ive been working at this for 4 hours straight and this is what ive done:

1. set up static IP using portforward.com

2. open port in my motorola 850g router (tried three different ports, and 2 different static IPs)

3. ran port test on the open ports (still says not open)

4. changed firewall setting to allow port forwarding through all three of the ports I tried

5. changed firewalls from Norton 360 to the Windows Firewall and allowed those ports

6. read countless forums of people just having uTorrent start working even though they dont know how...

7. ran speed tests (i should be able to d/l at 1,986 kB/s and upload at around 250 kbs

8. Im using uTorrent 1.8.2

even when the icon is green im only getting about 7kbs and when its yellow im getting 0.3kbs

please help this is driving me crazy

again, im using Norton 360 and a Motorola wr850g

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Is there anyway I can do this without uninstalling Norton? I dont want to delete my antivirus and all the other stuff just to be able to have faster downloads.... Im currently d/l at about 25 kbs with a green light which is up much from last night, though I was getting around 50kbs when i first installed uTorrent...(I did just change the speed option to xx/256k and it seems to be running the same as it was before i changed it from xx/2mb...also, why do some of my files say they are downloading even though they aren't? I tried to force start them but im still not getting any progress...

Thanks again...

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really, i didnt know that, is there something better I should use? I have had kysperski and it overloaded my computer to the point where it felt unnecessary that i use it, Im glad for the advise, I have used a number of antivirus programs and still had a few computers crash due to infection.

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