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speed decreases after a while

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Ok so i haven't changed my settings for like 5 months and my speed on torrents go around 80-90k/bs. Then i started to go to private trackers and start downloading from there. I leave my computer on d/l and uploading. When my download reaches around 70-75kbs, my download speed reduces to 25k/bs and stays like that. Also the location of the file i'n downloading pops up if that helps. Also it sometimes says would ban IP for giving a corrupt file. The speed does not go up. I have 31/45 seeds connected 2/5 peers. My ratio in the private tracker is 0.9 and i am a vip. When i download 2 torrents, the whole speed is around 80kbs. One of them is stuck at 25 k/bs and the other is around 50kbs. I don't think it is my connection speed. Is this something wrong with the tracker? I use 2 different private trackers and both get reduce to 25k/bs after a while.

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