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A "Lock Torrent" option on the right-click list.


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I'd like to see an option that allows for locking a torrent on the list of torrents so it can't be deleted unless the "Lock torrent" option is unselected.

Many times, when I'm dealing with a large number of torrents on my list, I'll make the annoying mistake of removing a torrent I want to keep active instead of removing the older torrents I'm no longer planning to seed. This may seem minor, but in the case of larger torrent collections, the segments downloaded verification process can take quite some time. And in the case where I'm removing multiple torrents and remove multiple incorrect ones, the process can be even longer.

I realize I have the " %AppData%\uTorrent " option to re-add the torrent if this happens, but it's less to do with losing the torrent on the list, and more to do with avoiding the verification process from a mis-delete. Less time Verfying files and more time seeding benefits everyone.

Thanks for reading this. :)

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What a lovely user-oriented response that was, ... not. :(

This would be a very useful feature, especially for the power-users, like me, and it would seem at very little cost to the developer. It's quite easy to accidentally delete an entry, especially when you have long thin rows.

It would be nice, at the least, if in the future you could tell us why you think something is "stupid".

Eh, I don't really like this idea. It's stupid. Just be more careful when deleting your torrents.
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