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DHT Waiting to Log in and no Seed


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Hello everyone,

I am having issues using utorrent while a few weeks ago it was working fine.

I had the 1.8.2 version which was working fine.

But now I am seeing in the status bar the message "DHT: waiting to log in" and it stays like this. While I download torrents I am also unable to find any seeds anymore (it stays at Seeds 0(0) and Peers 0(1)). I do have trackers that are showing as "working" though

The port configuration is fine, I have tried to plug directly the computer to the net (ie: no router) and my firewall (Kaspersky 8) has it opened and the application is trusted. The test of port done inside utorrent is successful.

I tried on both my XP Pro SP3 machine and my newer Vista Ultimate 64 bits SP1 with exactly the same results.

I am located in China, my ISP is "Great Wall Broadband Network".

Until around 2 weeks ago it was working fine and I was able to download at correct speed. I have not changed anything on the configuration before then.

I first had 1.8.2 version, tried 1.8.3 beta and then 1.9 15380 without any change in behavior. I have not touched to any other configuration settings

I have also tried to enable and force the encryption in utorrent without any change. I even tried azureus which showed the exact same behavior.

Thanks in advance for the help, let me know if any other information could help

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Thanks Switeck for the tips, I did found these posts before posting my message but did not think I would actually need to go "this far".

I will play around with the settings and see if that improves. Will be back if I am still facing issues.

Thanks again for taking time to reply =)

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