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I'm seeding and after few minutes utorrent uploading 0kB/s


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I'm seeding and after few minutes utorrent uploading 0kB/s. In next 10 minutes start seeding again but why I can't seeding all the time? I tried 3 utorrent's version and much torrents - all the time the same. Windows Vista SP1 (PL) and 2Mbits/s. No diffrent if I seeding with no limit or limited to 38kB/s. If I downloading everything are good, and uploading limit 38kB/s. But I want to be seed and only uploading. Before last format - few months ago - was the same. Port is no locked. Before installed Norton 360 had this problem too. My settings: Max connections: 248, max peers for torrent 64, slots uploading for torrent:9 and open more slots if upload less than 90% checked. Coded enabled - forced but I tried every and that isn't fix problem. DHT on. Stop seeding if ratio is more than: -1 (so forever).

Help please!

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