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hello all, i am a noobie can some one please show me a diagram of what all settings i should have on my u torrent i am 20 megabit up and 5megabit down, this is to much for me to understand unless i see it in pics. thank you in advance if you guys can help

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20 mb up and 5 down ??????? Never heard of that.

When installing Utorrent you will have the option to run a speed test and see where you should have your settings at.

You might want to double check your up and down speeds. Doesnt make sense.

Also, maybe you can expound a bit on what settings you are having issues with.

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tdavis seems to be on Verizon FIOS...and probably has 20 megabits/sec DOWN and 5 megabits/sec UP.

Using the 2nd link in my signature...

That's the 5 mbit/sec upload settings...so...

CTRL+P for Preferences

under Preferences, Bandwidth:

560 KB/sec upload speed limit

400 global max connections

100 max connections per torrent

10 upload slots per torrent

under Preferences, Queueing:

15 max number of active torrents

10 max number of active download torrents

For pictures where some of those settings are at, see here:


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