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speed decreased when to close to wireless router


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i just figured this out today. i have a laptop. it gets its wifi signal from a motorola 3347 netopia router. i have a 12mg internet connection. i have the router set up at what is normally the pc desk. but my pc is down so i set my laptop there now. ive noticed a signifigant speed problem lately with utorrent. so i grab my laptop from off the desk to sit in the living room and my torrent speeds skyrocket. i walked around for a sec, scratching my head. went to set it back down on the desk and the speeds droped. so if i have my laptop within a few feet of my router my speed drops. but move away and im good. im not really complaining here. but if anyone is having speed problems on their wifi enabled laptop or whatever, test to see if its router proximity. and if anyone has any solutions (besides move away from the router.) here is a good place to post them.

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