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low speed, please help


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Hi there,

this is my first go at using torrents.

i have vista home premium edition and a bt home hub working at about 8mb.

i have had a look at previous posts and tried most of the suggestions, but still only recieving torrents at 4kB/s if im lucky.

on the internet video links on email etc downloads very fast, i dont know why its so slow on utorrent.

Please help


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British Telecom (BT) ADSL ISP in the UK is hostile towards BitTorrent traffic ESPECIALLY during peak evening hours.

Make sure you set uTorrent correctly based on your USABLE max upload speed -- 2nd link in my signature. It's probably something awful like 0.25 megabit/sec (256 kilobit/sec) upload max.

Disable Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of a torrent for menu to do this).

Under Preferences, BitTorrent ...Set outgoing encryption to Enabled or FORCED and try both with and without legacy (unencrypted) connections enabled.

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