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Problems downloading single torrent from multiple OSes


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Hi all,

I have both XP Pro and Windows 7 x64. I use both of them somewhat equally. So naturally, I'd want that both be able to download a single torrent in continuation. I know that this is achievable by simply pointing uTorrent in the second OS to the same directory where the 1st OS is downloading to. uTorrent runs a check, and continues from where it left off previously. I have already done this in the past when I had 2 XPs and it worked flawlessly.

This time however, there's a slight problem. I started downloading from XP and was 13% through, then I booted into Win 7 and pointed it to the directory, it continued from 13% and made it to 15.5%. I then turned the PC off since I wanted to sleep. Today morning, I booted into XP, and the torrent, instead of checking the download, continued from 13% as well.

My question isn't how this problem can be fixed (well if it can it'd be helpful), but my main question is, whether the downloaded archives will be fine or is there a chance they'll get corrupted? My connection is very slow so I don't want to be in a position where I finally download the entire archive only to find that its corrupt.

Thanks in advance.

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Depends on how you have uTorrent set up. If you have it set up in stand-alone mode, it might be possible to restart in either OS without any problems...and not require rescans of partially downloaded files.

You're dealing with a volunteer staff that takes a "not my specialty"/"someone else's problem" approach to odd questions.

I bat clean-up. My hitting average may be low, but I'll often swing at stuff nobody else will touch. I don't claim to give good news either.

Usually a lack of information makes us unwilling to make less-than-educated guesses. We've seen too many problems that were so exacting that without detailed info...we're likely badly wrong.

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