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Speed Problems with TPG


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I have TPG the 70G plan at home and I also have it at the shop, the exchange is closer to my house than to my shop, but for some reason I can download at 1mb/s at my shop while only reaching 200kb/s max at my house.

(I'm 100% sure i am not capped or anything)

I have a Bipac 7300 Billion, not sure if anything wrong with the settings, I go to speedtest.net and it says my max download is 1.6megabites/second, I also looked at the average download speed of users having the same plan, and it records having a range from 500 - 1500 kb/s compared to my crappy 200kb/s.

Can someone help?

I know that this isn't something about utorrent, but i thought that people from here can help =)

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Wireless is a contended network, in crowded regions reaching top speeds (and staying there) could be impossible.

Max upload speed severely limits download speeds reached in uTorrent, due to its sharing nature.

Monthly/daily bandwidth quotas and overage fees may be very high as well, so DO CHECK them before torrenting on wireless!

Lastly, uTorrent's extra features are very hard on wireless networking links...1st link in my signature talks about reducing those.

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