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Windows 7 Firewall blocking port


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i removed the router all together and left the windows fire wall on and still yellow. and i turn the windows Fire wall off then i get a green light check.. if i then hooke the router back up wiht he windows fire wall off it still stays green. so i can complete confused on how to fix this problem.

i think its just time to kill the windows Fire wall and just use the router one i guess.

EDIT: well i thought it was fixefd but i was wrong. on my windows 7 box i cant find a way to make me connectable at all. even if the green check shows up ( and it dont stay grrn for very long) it still says i am not conncetable. on my vista box evey thing works fine. i cant figure out what or why my windows 7 box will not work. i guess ill have to stick to vista till win7 is released and you guys figur out what may be causing it. even with the firewall OFF it still says i am not connecteable. so ill leave it at that for now and wait till th end of the year when win7 is released and you gys and gfix the compatability bugs.

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