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.diff (difference) file for torrents


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When I download a music torrent I always have to make a copy of the donwloaded files, rename them and re-tag them (ID3 tags/Vorbis tags) to use them in my library, so I have a copy in my torrent folder to share the files and another copy on my music folder to actually hear them, and that uses a lot of HD space =(

Today I woke up and it struck me; What if utorrent compared these two copies and made a .diff file (kind of like the ones on a SVN repository) containing the information between the original torrent and the modified personal files, so I could use my personal files (on my music dir) + the diff file (on the torrent folder) to share like it was the original torrent (and saving LOTS of space)

I think it would be a really (really!) useful feature since it can help not only with my especific case but with many others too.

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I like this idea.

I see that there is quite a few topics about this subject (changing id3 tags), is there any plans to implement a solution, but only you're just waiting for an acceptable solution to be proposed?

I have another idea which is similar to this .diff file proposal (in that a complete duplication of the file is not necessary) which is to calculate a PAR checksum.

I don't want to thread hijack, but since we are trying to solve the same problem it makes sense (to me) to keep discussion in one thread.

If you want I can elaborate further on my idea here or make a new thread.

I believe a great number of people would love this 'feature' :)

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