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Conn. to Seeds + Peers - Problem! alot of seeds but little conn.


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Hello everybody.

This is my first time here. So sorry if I speak with some wrong terms.

I am using Utorrent for about 6 months. In the last month I have some problems with it.

Right now what I can see is that - Files with enough Seeds and Peers, but the program doesn't connect to almost any of them.

my config. is this -

GREEN V - ports are open :)

testing from 7 to 13 upload

my speed connection is 2.5 MPBS (thats about 300 kb)

global max connection - I try between 150 to 250

max conn. peers per torrent - I try from 30 to 50

number of upload slots - 4


Active torrents - 8

Active downloads - 4

ports are between 21000 and 65000

right now its this one - 61599

random port- OFF


I'm using a router. the computer is connected by a cable to the router (not wireless that is).

The problem is that files with 200-400 seeds and\or peers for example. once were connecting 10-20

now 1-2. some with 3.

have one file now with 164 Peers and 559 Seeds. 2 Peers connected. 25 Seeds connected. speed 25KB. which is good. But the other 3 files, even thou they have seeds and peers, barely connected to them. :(

By the way, now this file that was going 25KB, went down to 0.7kb, and now stopped at about 4-5 kb.

Thank for you help :)

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Your ISP is either throttling international connections or something along the line probably is. :(

Your upload speed PER total upload slots is completely terrible, resulting in peers NOT wanting to upload back to you!

Upload speed really needs to be at least 3 KB/sec per upload slot. But if you have multiple torrents, such as 4 torrents with 2 upload slots each...then that's 8 total upload slots and would need at least 24 KB/sec total upload speed for EACH to get 3 KB/sec.

This won't hurt as much on torrents with lots of seeds, obviously...since seeds want nothing from you.

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