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Extremely dismal download speeds


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There's about 7 to 10 seeds and 27 to 33 peers.

I've been getting extremely dismal download speeds, like 2 kB/s up to 10 kB/s if I'm lucky.

My upload speed is around 17 kB/s

I tried to set up a port (not sure what it is but I tried to follow the tutorials) but was unable to log into my router (i put into the address bar and they ask for a username and password. I tried blank for username and admin for password, but it didn't work )

Is there a reason for my extremely slow download speeds? With something around 2 kB/s, I'll probably complete my download in a couple weeks -.-

I don't particularly have a slow internet connection. I have sbc and it's not bad.

I'm not running any other downloads at the same time or doing anything on the computer.

Can someone help me figure out whats going on?

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Did you use the 192 kilobit/sec upload settings from my Speed Guide (2nd link in my signature)?

If you're uploading slowly, your download is probably likewise...so however long that download rate takes to finish the torrent.

But it could be your ISP disrupting/throttling BitTorrent, which means you need to use encryption...and possibly other hiding techniques such as these:


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