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Problems with Utorrent on Wifi


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I have a Wireless Yagi Antenna and share a wireless connection from a friend. My Utorrent works, I can properly download, but Most of the time i get crap speeds. The network Icon is green, sayin incoming connections working ok, and my DHT and trackers all work fine. Problem is, I have hit up to 100kbps but average about 10. When i look at the speed guide, it says that my port is not open, (port forwarding) only problem is I have it all set up on my end to do port forwarding, and he had his router set up for port forwarding too. Still it says that the ports arent open. I am moderately skilled in computers, but do not know how to solve this, Can anyone please tell me how to properly set up Utorrent for a wifi signal, and get my speeds back up? thanks.

Also I am using Atheros Yagi wifi antenna (not sure exacts but it says AR5007UG)

Running AMD quad core 2.2 Ghz

Windows Vista Home premium 64bit

4 GB ram

256mb dedicated on board video

640 gb HDD

and the wifi speed test online, says that its running about 4mbps. sometimes 3.5Mbps. So i should get better than 10kbps downloads, and i avg about 40-50 kbps uploads.... Please help and thanks again

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K thanks, the guides you linked to helped some, i also got on a Utorrent IRC channel, and found some help. Got speeds up to 150 kbps, then this morning when i woke up, back to under 20kbps. Ill try these links' ideas, and get back to you

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