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"Application not found" error window


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Maybe someone here can help me with my problem.

I downloaded uTorrent and am using Mininova to download my torrent files. It worked perfectly for one night and I'm not sure what happened since then but when I click on a file I want to download from Mininova, the error box "Application Not Found" pops up.

I've restarted my PC and uninstalled/installed uTorrent but the same error box pops up.

Does anyone know how to correct this? Did I accidentaly move a file I wasn't supposed to?

Thanks in advance!

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You probably ran µTorrent from your browser instead of saving it to where you wanted.

Download it again, and save it to your desktop (or whatever folder you want). And make sure that "Associate with .torrent files" is greyed out in General Options.

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