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Constant Drastic Speed Changes


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My dl speed goes from like 40 to 5 in like 10 second and happens again and again for as long as I watch, while my upload speed stays the same around 30-40ish. It seems that I never really connect to seeds and when i do its for just a few seconds, which might explain the changes. There are times when it stays steady around 10kb/s and other times around 30, but usually it keeps varying.

DI-514 D-link w/ a DWL-122 wireless

Port 12780 (open)

Enable UPnP port mapping (checked)

Global maximum upload rate: 38

Global maximum number of connections: 380

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 48

Number of upload slots per torrent: 9

Enable DHT/for new torrents (both checked)

Running about 4 torrents at once

I've read through most of the posts that might associate with this problem and nada =(. I also never get more then 50 dl or so while keeping a stady close to max 38 ul when I have a a max of about 150, if anyone has any pointers on increasing or at least keeping a steady decent dl it would be greatly appreciated =)

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