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File Selection Prompt never appears...


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Recently, when I have added torrents to uTorrent, I have not been shown the prompt that used to appear, which would allow me to select which files I would like to download and other things related to each torrent.

Now whenever I add a torrent and only want certain files, I have to go to the 'Files' tab, right click each file individually and select 'Do Not Download'. While this works fine, it is obviously a pain to do with larger torrents.

This seems to have started when I upgraded to 1.8.2

I'm not sure if it is because of the new version, or if there is a setting I have to change or something like that.

I found the setting under the 'UI Settings' tab, in the 'When Adding Torrents' section, which says:

'Show a window which displays the files inside the torrent.'

This setting was checked, and I have left it that way, but I would assume that this is the setting I'm looking for.

Anyway, hopefully you guys have experienced this before and can help out.

Any help would be appreciated!



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My file selection window opens normally when I add torrents...

Sometimes I would like to re-open this window after a torrent has been added and some of the files have been downloaded (it's considerably easier -especially in torrents with several large folders- to select more files to download using this window than using the much more detailed "files" tab). Is there any way to re-open this window after the initial time it opens? I tried "Properties" but couldn't find any way to get to it from there =/

Thanks a lot =D


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