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0.0 kbs down and up, ISP not evil, no firewalls are on


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i have no clue why its happening.

isp : ri.cox.net

OS: Vista home Premium

router : Linksys-wrt54gs(hacked with dd-wrt)(pluged into a NetGear-WNDR3300(Has worked with this setup))



no green light, but no yellow or red either.


problem fixed

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something in the settings was set to a 5 when it should of been a 0. Due to slow problems from b4 with another router, i followed some instructions and had to change it. I never changed the settings back i made the new set up.

Now i got forwarding problems, due to the duel router setup:(

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The "outer" router closer to the modem has to be port forwarded to the "inner" router's WAN ip address. But if you can, putting the "inner" router in bridge mode (so it acts as a simple networking switch) can vastly simplify forwarding issues.

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