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DHT Problems - Any suggestions, i would be grateful!!


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A few hours as i was on the UTorrent software, i had a notice to update the package, and i did...

This has now resulted in my DHT to become "0" constantly now, when before the update my DHT was over 300.

There is nothing wrong with my router or ports as everything was working perfectly before the update!!

Also by trying to download a torrent from any site, it doesn't work and i have reinstalled the software a few times as well and no luck. I have also tried deleting the setting and dht... files etc.

Is there anyway i could overcome this problem? Thanks!!

All that is coming up now for my DHT is Nodes 0 (Login) and Waiting to log in...

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Ok, thanks "Switeck" i have tried your method and it has worked! Thanks...

I have now reached Nodes (264)..

I never new that my anti-virus softwares firewall would of affected the torrent software as i had it disabled, the whole program..

Anyway thank you for the solution to my problem... :)

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