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Option to display file sizes in kilobytes from the start to the end.


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Here's an example:

A typical download, whatever file it is, it's large in megabytes. However large, when displayed in megabytes, it's usually rounded to the nearest second decimal number. It is always an estimate of the actual file size. If the file size estimate is in the gigabytes, it's hard to tell how many stuff had been downloaded. You can't tell

If you rely on the percentage (i.e. 8%), you sometimes wonder why the numbers take a long time to go up a notch. Sometimes, it takes 10+ minutes just to get to 9%. And it would probably make you think, is it my connection problem? Is it because there aren't enough peers to share? etc. It's hard to not concentrate on the downloading. That's not the main problem here...

Connection speeds are usually displayed in Kbps, or kilobytes per second. Probably about 80% of us consumers have Kbps and not Mbps (It's a guess, not actual statistics). You're a type of guy that owns all of us if you have Mbps.

So, why not display file sizes in kilobytes? It's simply easier to detect how much a user is downloading (i.e. Yeah! I have a few hundred kilobytes downloaded per second, that's normal.), and it's more accurate.

But I'm not saying that it has to be shown for all kinds of audiences. I know there are obvious flaws in this, say: numbers in kilobytes are way too large, or it's difficult to see the file sizes. As an option that's turned off by default, it will be easier on some folks. A majority of people is used to read megabytes, but, it's a bit of awkward seeing 23.71 MB for 4 or so minutes, then 23.72 MB.

It can be shown like this to replace 23.71 MB: ( 23 MB 727.04 KB )

Easier on the eyes? So, may we have an option to display the file sizes in kilobytes? (Sorry for a long description. :P)

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