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The program displays wrong percentage


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Hi, a friend of mine made me a question and I didn't know what to respond. Here's the question:

"I'm downloading that file i told you many days ago.. well, this file is 2.11gb. My torrent says i downloaded 2.06gb till now. We could understand almost finished, right? but in % it says we had only 61% downloaded.. why?? i dont understand..

what i mean is we should have about 95% concluded.. not only 61%

49% left of 2,11gb = ± 1gb

its like i downloaded about 1,2gb only.

if u take 2.215,988kb/1024/1024 = 2,11gb, right?

2.215,988kb / 100 ( % ) you will have 22160 = 1%

if u multiply it for 61 you will have 1.351,752 = 1,28gb

if the program says i have 2,06 gb uploaded but also says i have only 61%, it's saying i have only 1,28gb downloaded..

in two different places the same program has different informations

when it says it in gb there's an information "2,06gb"

when it says it in % there's an information which means 1,28gb only..

my question is: which of both informations shall i follow? the one in gb or the one in %??


[i supposed "GB", but I'm really not sure]

"so... the file is almost finished?? what about percent? shall i forget it? when the up finish will it stop in 65% or jump to 100% suddenly??

iIn percent is like i just downloaded 1,28gb... but the same program says i downloaded 2,06gb.

2,07gb.. it means.. 2,170.552kb.. or 2119,7Mb

2.160,64Mb is the total file... if i downloaded 2,119MB of 2,160 i am almost finishing.. not only 62%.

It should be 98%, 97% something like this!"




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The percentage is always correct.

The downloaded bytes field might contain hash fails. And the size field disregards wether you skipped certain files or not.

However in those pics it says 1.32 GB downloaded right there in the Downloaded field of the general tab. I think you were just looking in the wrong place. Maybe you just mixed up the uploaded and downloaded column?

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