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Proxy through IIS


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Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to proxy the webgui through IIS using the managed fusion URL rewriter which can be found here:


Basically, everything "seems" to be working ok but for some reason the page comes out looking like a lot of the content failed to load. Does anyone know if there is a path that I'm missing? All the links seem valid when I view source.

These are the rules that I am using:


RewriteEngine On

RewriteLogLevel 5

RewriteLog "C:\temp\utorrentgui.log"

RewriteRule ^(.*) http://localhost:8082$1 [P]

Since the rewriter uses mod_rewrite syntax I think that this should be working but it isn't.

Can anyone help?

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I've got a bit of experience with mod_rewrite in Apache.

However if you use the rewriter as a proxy it might be that there is no ProxyPassReverse instruction. That could cause problems.

In any case what exactly DO you get? Since there are no obvious mistakes it's hard to know what goes wrong without some proper information.

Do you get a page with a malformed form like this.

Or does the gui load but it is malformed, or is the data malformed or absent?

Does your problem sound remotely like problems mentioned in the apache reverse proxy topic?

You do realise you still have to use http://url/gui/ right? Also you could try the following rule maybe this one works:

RewriteRule ^/gui/?(.*)$ http://localhost:8082/gui/$1 [P]

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The first link is exactly the screen I get. I'll try the items listed in that post and let you know. I'll also try the rule you suggested.

Thank you so much for the help. This is an awesome product!


Ok, I know what the problem is. For some reason I am getting a 404 on most of the files. For example:

00:00:09.202 0.005 424 1774 GET 404 text/html http://caprica/gui/main.js

Obviously, this is the reason for it looking funny. I'm not sure why but it seems as though the proxy isn't forwarding requests. Anyone have experience with this proxy or with something like this?

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