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Hello I have a werid problem with my uTorrent. Someone help please!


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Hey everyone

Ok this is kind of strange. Check this out. Ok I have a computer that I have uTorrent on. NOW ok it seems like whenever I fire up uTorrent on this thing it literally KILLS my web browser. I swear it seems like whenever I start uTorrent my Mozilla Firefox just absolutely dies! It just grinds to a complete halt and I have to shut down uTorrent, restart Firefox or restart the whole computer. Ok and listen to this. OK several months ago I was having this same problem so I called my ISP. And a guy there said that in XP go to Start, Run - MSCONGIF and go to the start up tab and disable everything. I did that and at the time it seemed to fix the problem. But now it seems like as soon as uTorrent turns on it kills Firefox. Something I must mention because I think this is important I have another computer right next to this one and the web browser works perfectly when uTTorrent is open on this one so that must mean that it's not a speed or connection issue right? Also I have to say that it seems like I can't have eMule running and uTorrent running. IT seems like uTorrent " does something " to eMule when I open it. All my downloads in eMule start disappearing. Like the numbers whittle away to zero! A friend of mine said that he thinks that the web browser dies because I have uTorrent open and eMule and that is just to much activity and it screws up the browser. But that can't be true because I have another computer in the bedroom and I have run like 4 p2p programs on that thing and I remember the browser working fine and that thing is not as good of a computer as this one.......

Anyone have any idea what I should do? As it stands right now I have to load torrents with eMule turned off and when the browser starts slowing down or downright freaking stopping completely almost I have to shut down uTorrent and maybe even restart the browser. That is so annoying. And I can't have eMule and uTorrent running at the same time which is also stupid I should be able to do that I think.... I don't want to have to choose uTorrent or eMule when I fire it up to download for the day ... I want to use both at the same time.

I almost want to buy another computer for uTorrent and web browsing and just leave this computer for just eMule and that's it. But that sort of seems like a waste of money and not the most intelligent thing to do to fix my problem here



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