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Limiting Download is Limiting my Upload?? :?


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Topic says it all.

I currently am grabbing one file, I have my download limited to 1kB, and my upload capped at 35kB.

Both see-saw between 0kB and just over 2kB.

If I uncap my download, and let it reach the global limit of 350kB, my upload will max out at 35kB no problem.

I have 92% of the file complete, so it is not a "you have no data other users want" issue. There are 23( 28 ) seeds and 9( 18 ) peers.

I am running the latest beta build, 413 which I just tried to see if this issue was fixed from the 406 build that I was using and where I noticed the problem.

Anyone with any ideas, casue this is certainly a strange one.


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