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Sharing torrent DL across 2 machines?


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Ok, I saw a post similar to this on here, but it was in an attempt to speed up a DL by using two simultaneous clients to DL one torrent.

What I'm wondering, is it possible to use two clients at different times, to get one torrent.

For example: I have a machine that dual boots into Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I'm using uTorrent on Win7 and Transmission on Ubuntu. Is it possible to run a torrent program in whatever OS i'm currently using, and have it work on one common set of torrents.

Example: I'm in Ubuntu and I start some torrents and run them for a while. Later I need to do something in Windows, so I restart and boot into Win7. I'm working in windows for a few hours so I start up uTorrent and have it pick up where Ubuntu/Transmission left off and finish up those torrents.

Is this possible? Does it make a difference if both clients are uTorrent vs. Transmission?

thanks for any advice

BTW I do have Ubuntu reading/writing to the NTFS partition that Win7 is on, so that's where I would put all this torrent data.

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