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Can't get it working ...


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Hey guys,

well, im pretty much going crazy .

I tried everything to remove the little yellow triangle an the bottom of uTorrent but it didnt go away!

First of all I bought a new router because my old one sucked. I forwarded the port as shown on portforwarding.com. After this I installed uTorrent and made it use the same port as forwarded before. (You can be sure the port is forwarded correctly) Then I startet to download some torrents and noticed the yellow triangle and the slow speed, so I tried the port forwarding check in the speed guide, which didn't work. After spending several hours of reading guides how to set up uTorrent and sth. like this I downloaded a test torrent which worked with the speed it should but still with a yellow triangle. I'm using a D-Link Dir 615 Router (are there any options to change?)

I also allowed all incoming data transfers in my router config.

My Router has a UpNP Option but i kept it unchecked because it didnt work either..

I tried all options of Protocoll Encryption, NAT-PMP and UPnP.

At the moment, Protocoll Encrytpion and NAT-PMP are enabled and UPnP is disabled.

My Speed settings should be correct too because I used the guide posted in this forum.

In the preferences menu I made the exception for the firewall and disabled my av guard.

Also in the BitTorrent tab i checked everythin except "Limit local Peer Bandwith".

If there are any other question, feel free to ask.




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