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Dowloading movies using Utorrent; is it safe from being tracked??


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Hi torrent mania!!

I am a newbee in the torrent world. Some friends of mine told me that you can download movies using Utorrent. Before I do that, I wanted to know how safe is it for you to download movies (copyrighted) from the internet. Isn't this illegal? How likely will you get caught when you download a copyrighted material using Utorrent.

Any input that anyone would share, I really appreciate. On the other hand, I also do hear that torrent file sharing is safe as long as you are not uploading since you are sharing files in bits and pieces.

How about using Peer Guardian, will that really protect your IP from being tracked??


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Laws about forgery and private copy change depending of the country where you live.

Some countries like NL or Spain allow downloading (private copy) but punish uploading.

Anyway in many countries both ones are illegal.

PG2 is completely useless, it doesn't hide your IP and is a poor level of security.

Make a search on the boards, all these questions have been already debated deeply.

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