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Forwarding my port really seems to mess up my internet connection.


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Since I fixed UT by correctly forwarding my port, my internet seems to keep disconnecting.

For example, if I'm connected to Xbox Live, it will keep disconnecting, but then allow me to connect again, but will then disconnect a few minutes later. The same thing happens to Firefox.

It seems if I disable the port in my router options, the internet works fine again.

Did I set up the port wrong? Or is this something else?

I followed that port forward website's instructions.


Edit: I have seemed to have found a solution to my problem.

I turn on UT with the ports forward enable, then I disable the ports.

For some reason, UT still works as if the port was still enabled, and it doesn't mess up my internet at all it seems.

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Yeah, turns out that running UT with ports disabled only worked once, I can't do it anymore.

I think I'm just gonna run UT while I sleep or something, I've been getting much better speeds since I read a couple guides, and put my speed at 2mbs. I used to get maybe 250KBs max total on downloads, now I can get over 1MB total sometimes.

So thank you very much.

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