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how can i resume crashed download


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Hi Guys,

I was downloading a 2GB file for a week now, today i was just about to finish it but suddenly power went down and when power comes back windows asked me check for the file system errors. ( im using windows xp) then i let it to check for the errors and i saw it found some error of a file called resume.dat of uTorrent,

when i run the uTorrent to resume my download i couldnt see any torrent download to resume there,

iam so frustrated i was at 99.8% of the download, is there a way to resume my download from where i stopped.

windows has created a file called FILE0001.CHK in my C drive and its having some information about my uTorrent download.

Please help me

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You have surely errors on your drive because of power failure. You have to run a scan disk to control the HD and fix errors.

Then if the torrent job is not present anymore in uTorrent, just reload the .torrent (check %appdata%\utorrent) into uT and choose the folder where is the incomplete file.

uT will force a recheck and resume the download.

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