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How to clean diskspace reserved by uT?


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Sorry for my English =)

Hi! I save my files in "c:\torrents" folder. Yesterday I reinstalled windows on another disc (d:) and decided to restore my list of downloads (from C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\uTorrent). Before that, I installed new version of uT and said it to keep saving files into "c:\torrents" (remember my windows is on D: now, as well as new storage of torrent and settings files) folder. So, I started to click on torrents and show them where my incomplete files are, everything was ok, uT recognized all files, re-checked them and began download. BUT, every time i opened torrent uT reserved the amount of disk space in accordance with size of file. I looked up preferences and uncheched option "pre-allocate files", every new added torrent stopped to eat more disc space, but before I recognized it I've already lost about 90Gb of space. I started to search any dump-files, but didn't found them. How can I clean disk space again?

PS: seems like my incomplete files are weight now as full!

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