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blue download arrow, but download wont start


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complete newbie to utorrent.

have tried plenty of torrents, but cant get any of them to start.

i get the blue download arrow, and there are plenty of peers/seeders. but the download never actually gets going ?

please help !!

not sure if its relevent, just found out how to do a speed test, results below ???

Speed Test #74670720 by dslreports.com

Run: 2009-07-12 11:26:18 EST

Download: 983 (Kbps)

Upload: 274 (Kbps)

In kilobytes per second: 119.9 down 33.4 up

Boost: 983

Latency: 375 ms

Tested by server: 3 flash

User: anonymous

User's DNS: homechoice.net

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many thanks.

be honest havent gone entirely through those 2 links, but fiddled about with some of the advie there.

download speed is not very good but at least its working now.

will go through them properly again.

again, many thanks for taking the time out, to help me out.

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