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Seeds upload speed not used.


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Several days I've been watching my peers and everything is great. I connect to about 90 per torrent.

Always download one by one.

I've noticed that µTorrent connects to about 50 seeds and only uses 7-8 for download+ other leechers.

I don't understand why won't µTorrent use upload speed of every 50 seeds so it increases my download?

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Because seeds don't upload to every peer they're connected to.

If they're connected to 50 peers but have upload slots per torrent set to 4...they only upload to 4 "random" peers out of the 50 at a time. So any given peer (you) only gets to download from such a seed roughly 10% of the time.

The idea is...better to upload to fewer quickly so THEY can get completed pieces to share (incomplete pieces cannot be shared by design) than splitting upload 50 ways so everyone gets <0.5 KB/sec.

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