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Question about stopping the download.


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Hi all :D

I have a question about stopping the download of utorrent.

Yesterday I was downloading a file, I accidentally stopped the download insted of pausing it.

Than I started the download again.

I wonder if it damages the file to stop the download before it is finished.

I guess turning the computer off also stops the download and it starts without a problem when the computer turned on. But I dont know if the manual stop of download damages the file?

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Thanks for your answer mate :D But shame on me I did another silly thing. I removed the torrent from the list :( Than I put the file on list again and selected the exact same download location. U torrent started a file chack and continued the download. I dunno if this is bad for the file.

What do you thing should I restard the download from begining. Or the current file would be ok?

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