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Force upload/download


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That would be the case if your ISP SERIOUSLY disrupts and throttles BitTorrent traffic...otherwise it is possible.

If the other side doesn't want to upload to you, you can't force them to. Their settings may be such that they're only uploading to 1 peer at a time...but connected to 100's of peers. (This is QUITE LIKELY if they're running lots of busy torrents at once!)

Their global upload speed max may be set to 1 KiloBYTE/second...so even if you DID download from them, it'd be worthlessly slow. Their ISP may be disrupting/throttling THEIR upload down to nothing even if they intend and TRY to upload faster.

Ignoring all that for a bit, it's possible to selectively block ips using ipfilter.dat...you just have to copy and paste them in, and tell uTorrent to reload the new edited ipfilter.dat. Doing that, you could block all the peers but 1 but keep all the seeds connected. Or the reverse...or something stranger still! Maybe you want to block a whole country's ip ranges...it's possible to do, but you have to find a list of that country's ip ranges.

Another thing...you can set upload speed, upload slots, and PRIORITY for each torrent. So if it's just 1 torrent that you want to favor...put it to HIGH priority and all the others to LOW, maybe even reduce global upload slots per torrent to 1 but specifically set that 1 torrent's upload slots to 9. (I'm assuming you have a fast enough connection so EACH upload slot can still get 3+ KB/sec upload speed.) Setting upload speed max limits for torrents is a last resort, since if you did it for all torrents and many ran slowly...you could fail to reach your global max upload speed.

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