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uTorrent begins to download and seed every queued file


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No matter how I set up my queueing options, uTorrent eventually begins to download all queued Torrents and seed all queued/completed torrents. Has this happened to anyone? I looked on the forums for about 15 min and couldn't find a similar thread.

These are what my settings are currently.


Also I'm running v1.8.3 on Windows 7RC. I have tried reinstalling while keeping my settings. I haven't yet tried erasing my settings. (Don't really want to have to do that)

I realize that this could be a Windows 7 compatibility issue but so far it handles everything that Vista does.

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No, my connection is good (20-25Mb down/15-20Mb up) and I do get good download speed. When it switches to uploading they usually max out around 50Kb/s, which isn't bad.

The main problem is that the program just seems to ignore my preferences! haha.

Also I don't have direct access to my switch/router so I can't port forward correctly, but would that make the program behave that way?

This started happening when I upgraded to 1.8.3. 1.8.2 worked fine...

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