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Can't connect except DHT ones...


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I can't connect to anything that doesn't allow DHT...

I'm connected through my friends computer. We both have Windows XP firewall, and I even went as far as shutting down both of them (like, really, the red shield with an X on it), but it didn't help.

Further more, the problem is strong enough so that even though the website says there are tens of thousands seeds and peers, they appear as 0 in utorrent. If the DHT is allowed, then I see the number of peers and seeds, but I usually can't connect to more than 5, making the download extremely slow, but at this point, I don't care anymore, I just want to be able to download anything.

The DHT nodes are over 300. The icon is green "Working as it should". The port is open.

Not sure what other info you need to try and fix this, just ask I'll try my best to answer.

Thanks in advance.

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